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What is the Correct Curtain Length for my Windows?

Curtains and draperies are an all-time classical choice for window coverings. They can transform a home instantly with luxurious styles and patterns. One of the main differences between curtains and drapes is their lengths. Here, our team at Classic Window Shades will discuss the various styles and lengths and introduce you to our collection of Carol Fabrics Custom Drapes by Hunter Douglas.

Carole Fabrics™ Custom Drapery in a living room near Canoga Park, CA

Curtain Lengths by Style

Floor-to-Ceiling Length

Floor-to-ceiling length will add height to your windows as it will cause the eye to move upward, making your room seem more spacious and open. Homeowners should hang the curtains at the crux of the ceiling so they are long enough to just slightly kiss the floor.

Puddle Length

Puddle length is an excellent way to achieve some aesthetic drama. When hanging this style of curtain, hang them either at the ceiling or a few inches above the window frame and are long enough for several inches of the fabric to pool on the floor.

Sill Length

Commonly used in kitchens, sill length is ideal for a casual look or in situations where a piece of furniture is right below the window. The curtains sit at the top of the frame and drop to rest right at the edge of the sill.

Café Length

Café length is another style perfectly suited for a breakfast nook. The curtains typically cover the bottom portion of the window, leaving either one-third or two-thirds of the upper window open. This allows for light to enter while still maintaining privacy for meals.

Finding Your Perfect Length with Carol Fabrics™ Custom Drapes

Carol Fabrics™ Custom Drapes are full-functioning drapes and stationary side panels. They are perfect on their own or for layering with other window treatments. These drapes can create a flowing elegance to an understated simplified look, depending on your taste and style. You can select from a variety of style options: pleated, non-pleated, and Ripplefold™.

Offered in over 4000 different fabric and color choices, they will transform any room in your home with unique aesthetic beauty. For further enhancement, select premium custom hardware in a variety of brilliant finishes. Add decorative trim such as cords, tapes, and fringes in an array of colors for a touch of elegance. With our fabric by the yard, you can coordinate your entire look with matching pillows and upholstery. We can create custom fabric tiebacks for gathering the drapes for a sophisticated style.

Not only are Carol Fabrics™ Custom Drapes timelessly classic, but they are also incredibly functional. With a brushed flannel-tailored liner, you can add room-darkening and insulating properties. For superior operating control, you can opt for three different systems to suit your desired preference.

Custom Drapery & Curtains Near Canoga Park, CA

Classic Window Shades has served Los Angeles and the neighboring communities since 1950. We are a family-owned and operated business and have great pride in our excellent customer relations and our superior products.

If you want to learn more about how to fashion your windows with curtains and other beautiful treatments, set up an online consultation, or come visit our newly renovated Hunter Douglas Gallery showroom. If your schedule is too busy, call us, and we will happily bring samples to your home.

We proudly serve Canoga Park, CA, as well as Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Porter Rank, Malibu, and Hidden Valley.